Campus Investigator Training


Register for SATF’s annual campus investigator training. This training will include both a basic and advanced track for campus investigators, student conduct process advisors, and other practitioners. This training meets campus investigator’s annual training requirements. Workbook, certificate of completion and other training materials included. Topics and training overview below.

Basic Track

  • Investigating &
    determining consent
  •  Sexual assault dynamics
  • Perpetrator dynamics
  • Neurobiology of trauma
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Investigation elements & Title IX foundations
  • Bias & equity
  • Report writing
  • 1/2 day case study

Advanced Track

  • Trauma informed interviwing techniques used by law enforcement and the military
  • Interviewing complainants
  • Interviewing respondents
  • Neurobiology of trauma
  • Perpetrator dynamics
  • Sexual assault dynamics
  • Investigating & determining consent
  • Bias & equity
  • 1/2 day case study

What will your investigators walk away with?

Basic Track: Investigators will be able to investigate complaints, interview parties, and write reports while understanding the requirements of Title IX as well as the foundational elements of sexual assault dynamics, perpetrator dynamics, and how trauma affects memory and victim reactions.

Advanced Track: For those investigators that have gone through our basic track, these investigators will gain cutting edge skills and tools to lead forensic experiential based interviews with complainants, respondents and witnesses based on techniques used by law enforcement and the military.

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To Register

Registration open until Oct. 6th.