for K-12 Schools

SATF in partnership with TIX Education Specialists provides training and technical assistance to support Oregon K-12 school districts in their efforts to prevent and respond to interpersonal violence, harassment and bullying. You can learn more about the K-12 Project by watching our informational webinar.

According to the 2017 Oregon Healthy Teen Survey, 12% of 11th graders in Oregon reported engaging in sexual activity as a result of being pressured into doing so, while 6% were made to through physical force. Another 7% had experienced sexual contact by an adult. SATF’s K-12 technical assistance and training project helps schools to identify not only what is compliant with Title IX and other state mandates, but what best practices will serve our students best.


Technical Assistance

SATF provides training and technical assistance to schools in their efforts to comply with Title IX and state-based mandates to respond to interpersonal violence through the use of student-centered and victim-centered best practices.

You can receive technical assistance by calling 503-960-8261 or by emailing

K-12 Responder Cohort

Want to engage with other educators and administrators who help coordinate school responses to harassment and interpersonal violence? Join the new K-12 Responder Cohort!

Cohort members will

  • receive regular resources and need-to-know updates regarding policies and best practice
  • have the opportunity to engage in online and in-person community meetings and continuing education sessions with other educators and administrators across the state

Email to be added to the K-12 Responder Cohort OR fill out this interest form.


Mandatory Reporter and Responsible Employee Training

SATF provides online and in-person training for employees of K-12 schools on their roles as mandatory reporters of child abuse and responsible employees under Title IX. Most professionals who work at K-12 schools are considered mandatory reporters and/or responsible employees under the law; this training helps employees understand and implement these responsibilities.

For training inquires, please email

Online Training – Coming Soon!

This 2-hour online training will help teachers and staff of K-12 schools understand and implement their roles as mandatory reporters and responsible employees in responding to incidents of harassment and violence in their classrooms. Learn about the state and federal laws that guide K-12 responses to student experiences of violence, and how to utilize best practices in student support to effectively support students in your school.

This training will be available in early 2019.


In addition to these resources, SATF’s violence prevention program and campus program provide additional programming and resources to support Oregon’s mission to create safe spaces for students to access their education.