SART Training & Technical Assistance

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Statewide SART Conference


5th Statewide SART Conference – Spring, 2012

The Task Force offers its biennial statewide SART Conference in support of local SART efforts. This conference includes plenary sessions for all participants as well as specific training tracks for law enforcement, victim advocates, medical professionals, prosecutors, offender management professionals, campus responders, and other professions involved with the response to and prevention of sexual assault.

Details will be available Fall 2011!

SART Trainings Available:

Non-Stranger Sexual Assault: Profile of a Case

This training is designed for members of the multidisciplinary response to sexual assault. The training is a presentation of a sexual assault case scenario from first disclosure to trial preparation with presentations from advocacy, law enforcement, prosecution and SANE. Participants engage in team problem solving activities dispersed throughout the program.

SART Development & Sustainability

SATI is providing 2-hr. “SART Development & Sustainability” Workshops to communities who want to develop an effective SART response or reinvigorate their current SART efforts. Contact the Task Force for more information or to schedule a workshop in your community.

Technical Assistance for SARTs

The Task Force provides technical assistance and support for developing SARTs or emerging SART efforts across the state. Please contact the SATF if you have questions or need support. Areas of support may include protocol development, goal setting, establishing benchmarks, tracking trends, effective meetings, creating a community presence, sample materials, peer-to-peer support from other SARTs, and more.

Statewide SART Listserv

SATF is establishing a Statewide SART Listserv that will allow for information sharing and peer support among SART members as well as the distribution of current best practices, training information, and resources for SARTs. Members of the listserv will receive information on these topics and more:

  • SART sustainability
  • State and national trainings
  • Publications and general resources
  • State and national best practice and trends
  • peer-to-peer mentoring
  • access to sample materials
  • SATF support staff to call with questions
  • goal setting

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SART Instructors

Instructors are drawn from the Advocate, Law Enforcement, Prosecutor and SANE instructors. In addition to expertise in their disciplines, these instructors have experience with SARTs in their communities.

For more information on the Sexual Assault Training Institute, contact Jenna Harper, Training Coordinator here.