Advocate Training

Advocate Training is a 40-hour comprehensive basic sexual assault training for those seeking advocate certification or those providing other support services to sexual assault survivors. The training covers the foundational topics of sexual assault advocacy in supporting adult and adolescent survivors. Advocates will learn how to provide victim-centered, trauma informed responses to survivors and the skills to safely advocate for survivors in their community and the justice system.

The main topics covered in this training include:

  • dynamics of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking
  • anti-oppression, anti-racism and cultural humility
  • effects of trauma on survivors and family members
  • child and adolescent survivors
  • adults molested as children
  • perpetrator/abuser dynamics
  • advocacy skills and crisis response
  • confidentiality and privilege
  • working with system based partners and other service providers
  • vicarious trauma and self-care
  • victim’s rights and privacy
  • campus response
  • SANE exams

Each training includes additional topics tailored to cover current and emerging challenges affecting survivors and advocacy programs in Oregon. This training meets the requirements for those seeking certification to be confidential and privileged advocates under HB 3476.


Advocate Training

The training will take place on March 13th-17th, 2017 from approximately 8AM-5PM. You must be able to attend the entire week to register. This training is open to new advocates who have not previously received comprehensive basic sexual assault training and those who provide crisis and other support services to sexual assault survivors from small and… more