SANE Certification Commission


The purpose of the Oregon SAE/SANE Certification Commission is to approve the certification of registered nurse practitioners and nurses practicing in Oregon who fulfill the requirements to become Sexual Assault Examiners (SAE) and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE). It  is the commission’s mission to ensure that nurses and providers who provide sexual assault medical care and conduct forensic examinations in Oregon have the necessary training and qualifications to do so in accordance with the best standards of care using a victim-centered approach.


  • To review applications for SAE/SANE certification for compliance to the requirements for education, training, and preceptorships for SAE/SANEs as established by the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force.
  • To review the applications of SAE/SANEs who have been trained out of state and identify what steps are necessary for them to receive the Oregon SAE/SANE certification.
  • To review recertification applications for certified SAE/SANEs who have maintained continuing education requirements.
  • To review and implement change as necessary to improve the process.


The members of the commission are appointed by Oregon’s Attorney General for a two-year term of office.




Term Expires

Forensic Scientist

Heidi Tincher (OSP Forensic Services Division)

January 2019

Law Enforcement

Cory W. Stenzel (Detective, Portland Police Bureau)

June 2017



Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN)

Michelle Standridge, RN (Oregon State Board of Nursing)

December 2017


Dr. Richard Kozak (Providence St. Vincent Hospital, Portland)

September 2018




Diane Branson, RN, SANE (Salem Hospital Emergency Department)

November 2018


Robin Olafson, RN, SANE (Kaiser Westside)

January 2019

Victim Advocate

Letetia Wilson (Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence)

December 2018

SATF Staff

Nicole Broder, RN, SANE (SATF SANE Coordinator)