Campus Prevention

Campus Climate Survey Toolkit

About the Toolkit

Campus climate surveys are a powerful tool to help inform prevention strategies that create healthy & safe campus communities, free of violence. This toolkit has been designed to be both a resource and a guide for colleges an universities in Oregon. Informed by professionals across the state, the goal of this toolkit is to establish campus climate surveys that move beyond compliance to  creating best practice through creating mechanisms to improve both evaluation and prevention programming on campuses.

About the Grant

This publication is funded by a grant from the American Public Health Association, June 2017. In partnership with the APHA and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Oregon SATF sent members of the Campus Sexual Violence Prevention Workgroup to the first Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Action Planning Meeting in Atlanta, GA in July, 2015. This project is a continuation of the CSVPW’s work to support prevention efforts in Oregon.

Coming soon: webinar series in August, 2017

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