Sexual Abuse Protective Order


If you are looking for sexual assault survivor advocacy and other support services, please click here for a list of services near you.

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What is a SAPO?

A sexual abuse protective order (SAPO) is a court order that tells the person who hurt you (Respondent) to leave you, your children, and your family alone. It can order the Respondent not to enter a reasonable area around your residence. You can ask the judge to add other conditions (listed in the protective order) that you think will help keep you safe.

For information on:

Click HERE to be directed to the Oregon Judicial Department’s website where you can find instructions and forms.

Who Can Help Me Decide Whether To Ask For a SAPO?

You can call your local Victims’ Assistance Program (VAP) or community-based (non-profit) sexual assault or domestic violence program to get help in deciding whether to ask the court for a SAPO and to do safety planning. Advocates can discuss information that may be important for you to consider in deciding whether to seek a SAPO. For information regarding sexual violence resources, please ask court staff for information about resources or visit the following websites:

Statewide listing of Sexual Violence Resources and Programs: survivors/.
Statewide listing of Victims’ Assistance Programs:
Statewide listing of Nonprofit Advocacy Programs:

Also, if you have questions about how the law works or what it means, talking to a lawyer may be helpful. If you need help finding a lawyer, you may call the Oregon State Bar’s Lawyer Referral Service at 503-684-3763 or 800-452-7636. If you believe you cannot afford a lawyer, ask court staff if your area has a legal services (legal aid) program that might help you. You also can go to: