Campus Investigator Toolkit

Effective Investigations, Rooted in Best Practice

Establishing investigation policies and procedures that are based in best-practice ensures the best outcomes for universities, claimants and respondents. We also know that developing (or revamping) your investigative process can take away from one of your most important resources as a practitioner: time.

After working with hundreds of current Title IX coordinators, investigators, conduct officers, legal counsel, advocates and law enforcement members across the state of Oregon and the U.S., our partners established the need for an investigative resource that delivered real, tangible tools that could improve our Title IX investigations across the state, save time AND be cost effective.


About the Toolbox

The Oregon SATF Investigative Toolbox is the only Title IX compliant investigative resource that combines Oregon-specific materials (including guidance on state laws and mandates), Federal guidance and trauma informed current best-practices in Title IX investigations for all higher education professionals in Oregon that need a reliable, comprehensive and equitable approach to investigations during a time of ongoing change and uncertainty in the Title IX landscape.

The goal of this toolbox is to bridge the gap between compliance and best practices to provide users at Oregon’s 2 and 4 year institutions a means of conducting effective, thorough, fair and equitable investigations.


What your institutional subscription includes:

  • Ongoing technical assistance from Oregon SATF staff focused on statewide implementation and Title IX compliance
  • Timely updates to materials as changes arise in Federal or State law and guidance, available at no additional cost
  • Materials that have been reviewed by experts in law and policy, Title IX investigations, prevention, sexual assault nurse examinations, law enforcement, offender management, community and campus advocacy and student affairs.
  • Bound copy of our 200+ page investigative toolbox resource
  • Online digital download resource center, including all materials from the toolbox in a user-friendly library. Download copies for your team as needed, and access all updates immediately upon release.


About Your Investment

Institutional subscription to use the Toolbox cost a one-time payment of $1000, and include the following:

  • All items listed above
  • Lifetime subscription to use the toolkit: annual updates are provided at no additional cost to your university.


To Purchase

The SATF Toolbox will be released in early February. Please pre-order by completing the form and paying using the PayPal below. You will need a credit card to complete payment.

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