Steering Subcommittee

The purpose of the Steering Committee is to organize the Task Force Advisory Committee, monitor its work, recruit and replace members of the Task Force Advisory Committee, advise and consult to the Executive Director, approve position papers that will represent the position of SATF, and more fully address any issues too time consuming for Task Force Advisory Committee meetings




Term Expires

Attorney General

Erin Greenawald for Attorney General (Oregon Dept. of Justice)

Executive Director

Michele Roland-Schwartz (AGSATF)

AG/ED Designees



Board of Director's, Chair

Mary Williams

Campus Committee

Carli Rohner (Willamette University)

Jessica Amo (Portland Community College)

July 2017

June 2017

Criminal Justice Committee

Steve Bellshaw (Salem Police Department)


June 2017

Legislative & Public Policy Committee


Medical Forensic Committee

Patti Kenyon (Samaritan Health)


August 2018

Men's Engagement Committee

Carolyne Haycraft (Portland Police Bureau)

Warren Light (Wesley Community Center)

January 2018

June 2017

Offender Management Committee

Garry Russell (Dept. of Corrections)

Elena Balduzzi (Private Practice)

December 2017

July 2017

Prevention & Education Committee

Becky Smith (Department of Justice)

Taylor Rosenthal

January 2019

September 2017

Victim Response Committee

Diane Wehage (Clackamas County DAVAP)

Deborah Holton (DHS, Aging & People with Disabilities)

September 2017

September 2018