Prevention and Education Subcommittee

The purpose of the Prevention and Education Subcommittee is to define and promote sexual violence prevention by engaging in activities to increase awareness of sexual violence and prevention strategies, and to provide support, guidance and training relating to sexual violence prevention and education.

In order to prevent sexual violence before it occurs, efforts must focus on the root causes of sexual violence. To that end, we believe that addressing the intersection of oppression with sexual violence is an essential part of prevention work.

The Prevention and Education Subcommittee serves as the statewide sexual violence prevention planning committee. In this function, we exist to implement, update, and refine the statewide sexual violence prevention plan, Recommendations to Prevent Sexual Violence in Oregon: A Plan of Action (2006).

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SATF Resources




Term Expires

SV Prevention: Community - Rural



SV Prevention: Community - Urban

Jenna Harper (Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC))

Kate Blackmore (Clackamas Womens Services)

September 2018

May 2019

SV Prevention: Child Sex Abuse Prevention

Sally Blackwood (CARES Northwest)

May 2019

SV Prevention: Youth (K-12 Schools or Community-Based)

Joanne Alba (Planned Parenthood of SW Oregon)


August 2018

SV Prevention: Campus

Angela Fleischer (Southern Oregon University)

August 2017

SV Prevention (CS): identifying as part of and (b) working closely with the LGBTQ population, particularly LGBTQ women who are survivors of IPSV

Rachel Smith-Hunter (Portland State University)

September 2018

SV Prevention: Community Specific






SV Prevention: Health Promotion

Lawrence Piper (Oregon Dept of Human Services)


October 2018

SV Prevention: Faith-Based


SV Prevention: ODSVS

Becky Smith, Co-Chair (Oregon Dept of Justice, Crime Victims Services)

January 2019

Funder: Rape Prevention and Education - OHA, Center for Prevention and Health Promotion

Julie McFarlane (PHD/OHA)

September 2018

Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (OCADSV)


Department of Education

Ely Sanders (Oregon Dept of Education)

September 2019

Health Department


At Large

Allie Brady (SAFE of Columbia Co)

Erin Aguero (Clackamas Women's Services)

September 2017

July 2018