Offender Management Subcommittee

The purpose of the Offender Management Subcommittee is to specifically address issues related to the assessment, management, and treatment of sexual offenders.  The goal of the subcommittee is to reduce sexual assault by improving the methods of managing identified sex offenders.

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Term Expires

Offender Evaluation and Treatment Provider

Elena Balduzzi, Co-Chair (Private Practice)

July 2017

Adult Victim Advocate

Wendy Anderson (Community Works)

February 2018

Department of Corrections, State Prison Representative

Garry Russell, Co-Chair (Dept of Corrections)

December 2017

Department of Corrections: Release Services

Hank J. Harris (Oregon Dept of Corrections)

January 2019

Juvenile Sex Offender Specialist


Oregon Adolescent Sex Offending Treatment Network (OASOTN)

Karey Casebier (Jackson Co Community Justice)

January 2019

Juvenile Victim Advocate


Law Enforcement

Michael Wu (Oregon Board of Parole & Post-Prison Supervision)

June 2017

Oregon Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

Jesse Watson (Professional Therapeutic Community Network, Inc.)

November 2018

Oregon Youth Authority



Tamie Jessen (Private Polygraph Consultant)

November 2018

Prison Rape Elimination Act - Adult

Ericka Sage (Dept of Corrections)

December 2017

Prison Rape Elimination Act - Juvenile

Dallas Tully (Oregon Youth Authority)

June 2017

Sex Offender Supervision Network


Sex Offender Supervision, Community Corrections

Chris Enquist (DPSST)


September 2017

Sex Offender Treatment Board