Medical Forensic Subcommittee

The purpose of the Medical Forensic Subcommittee is to develop an effective medical response to and standardize the care of sexual assault victims throughout the state of Oregon.

Other goals include ensuring that all forensic medical exams in Oregon are performed by a SANE or a specially trained medical examiner.

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Committee Chair(s)

Patti Kenyon (Samaritan Albany General)

Kelley Kendall (OSU)

August 2018

January 2019

Forensic Nurse

Makenzy Byrum (OHSU)

July 2019

Urban ER Nurse

Diane Branson (Salem Hospital)

June 2018

Rural ER Nurse


Urban ER Physician


Rural ER Physician


Child Abuse Assessment Center Provider

Dr. Deanna St. Germain (Kids' FIRST Center)

October 2017

Child and Adolescent Medical Forensic Specialist


Child Abuse Response

Dr. Nicole Bishop-Perdue (CARES NW)

December 2017

Urban SANE

Holly Schaaf (Rapid SAVE Investigation)


September 2019

Rural SANE

Kelly Murga (Sky Lakes MC, Klamath Falls)

Lori White (Providence Hood River)

November 2019

September 2018

Forensic Specialist

Kris Karcher (Coos Co Medical Examiner)

August 2018

Public Health


Oregon State Police Crime Lab

Brian Ostrom (unofficial Committee Member)


Rachael Espy (Coos Bay Women's Safety & Resource Center)

October 2019

Campus SANE

Kelley Kendall (OSU) - Co-Chair

January 2019