Task Force Advisory Committee

In organizing and maintaining a membership body, the Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force seeks to facilitate cross-discipline collaboration and cultivate victim-centered approaches to sexual assault primary prevention, victim advocacy, medical forensic care, criminal prosecution and sex offender management and treatment. The Task Force Advisory Committee brings together over 100 members from across Oregon, all of whom are working in their various capacities to end sexual violence. As a condition of membership, TFAC members select a standing subcommittee to join and participate in, based upon their area of focus and expertise around the issue of sexual violence. The Task Force Advisory Committee and its standing subcommittees meet in-person quarterly and often hold additional interim meetings. Learn more about TFAC and apply for membership.

The Task Force membership is an Advisory Committee, consisting of eight subcommittees.

Each subcommittee has between 15-20 “slots,” with positions representing the Task Force’s commitment to survivor-centered, multidisciplinary collaboration. Applicants apply directly to open “slots” on their subcommittee of choice. Applications for each subcommittee can be found on that subcommittee’s page, linked in the list above.

The Task Force Advisory Committee is led by a Steering Committee, which includes representatives from each of the eight subcommittees.

For more information about becoming a member of the Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force, read our Frequently Asked Questions