Michele Roland-Schwartz, Executive Director

Michele Roland-Schwartz joined the Sexual Assault Task Force in 2013. Michele's has served survivors of sexual and domestic violence in Oregon, Tennessee, and Arizona. Michele has experience leading Sexual Assault Response Teams, Forensic Nursing programs, and providing crisis response and advocacy services. Michele earned her BA at the University of Oregon and her MA at Oregon State University.

Pronouns: She/her

Specialty Areas: Advocacy, medical-forensic exams, medical advocacy, untested kits, SAPO

Judy Hays, Membership Coordinator

Judy Hays joined the Sexual Assault Task Force in 2009. She graduated from a private university in Indiana with a BA in Elementary Education. After teaching for several years, she returned to her home in Oregon and worked for the Oregon Department of Justice for 19 years, 12 of which were for Attorney General Hardy Myers. Working with the former Attorney General, she appreciated his passion and tireless efforts on behalf of sexual assault and domestic violence crime victims. Judy serves as the primary contact between the SATF membership and the staff.

Pronouns: She/her

Specialty Areas: SATF Membership, Sexual Assault Training Institute contracts, Office Administration.

Issa Spatrisano, Project Coordinator

Issa Spatrisano joined the Sexual Assault Task Force in 2017. She received her B.A. in History/Political Science from Western Michigan University. She has worked expansively with nonprofits serving refugee and immigrant communities and the LGBTQI community. In addition, Issa has a M.Ed. in Teaching & Learning, with a focus on adult learners, from the University of Alaska Anchorage and currently teaches adult English language learners at the community college level.

Pronouns: She/her

Specialty Areas: Immigrants, Refugees, LGBQTI, curricula/assessment development

Jackie Sandmeyer, Campus Coordinator

Jackie Sandmeyer joined the Sexual Assault Task Force team in 2014. Jackie is a Juris Doctor Candidate at Willamette University College of Law, and earned her bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of Idaho where she minored in Women and Gender Studies and received a Certificate in Diversity and Stratification. Her work with survivors has focused on college campuses, communities of color, and the LGBTQI community, with an emphasis on Transgender support services. As the Campus Coordinator, Jackie works with Oregon colleges and universities across the state, both public and private, to identify best practices and provide technical assistance and training. It’s these passions that motivate her work with students and administrators to create safe spaces and advocate for trauma informed policies on campuses across Oregon.

Pronouns: She/her, They/them

Specialty Areas: Advocacy, Title IX, Clery, Campus Climate Surveys, Trauma, LGBTQI, Communities of Color

Nicole Broder, SANE/SAE Program Coordinator

Nicole Broder joined the Sexual Assault Task Force team in 2016. Nicole began her work with survivors of sexual assault in 2006 as a crisis advocate at Kenyon College in Ohio. It was through this work that she was first introduced to SANE nursing, and after completing her BA in Anthropology from Kenyon, decided to pursue nursing school. She joined the YWCA of Silicon Valley as a sexual assault advocate while completing her nursing prerequisites in California, then moved to Portland to attend the University of Portland’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, which she completed in 2012. While in nursing school, she worked as a domestic violence shelter advocate with the YWCA of Greater Portland and participated on University of Portland’s Campus-Community Emergency Response Team. Nicole has worked in respiratory-telemetry, endoscopy, and emergency nursing, and currently practices as a SANE in Oregon and Washington. She also speaks to Providence’s ER nurse residencies about recognizing human trafficking in the medical setting. Nicole is certified as a SANE for adults and adolescents statewide through the Oregon SANE Certification Commission (OR-SANE) and nationally through the International Association of Forensic Nurses (SANE-A).

Pronouns: She/her, They/them

Specialty Areas: Forensic nursing, OR-SANE, SANE-A, adult and adolescent care, emergency medicine, human trafficking, advocacy

Suzanne Gray, Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

Suzanne Gray joined the Sexual Assault Task Force in 2015. Suzanne, a graduate of the University of Illinois, began her work in the anti-sexual violence field in 2007. She implemented sexual assault prevention education and provided direct service to survivors through legal advocacy, medical advocacy and crisis intervention at a rape crisis center in Urbana, IL. While Suzanne served with this agency, she acted as the volunteer coordinator, community outreach coordinator and the facilitator for the Child Assault Prevention Education program through the University of Illinois Psychology department.  Following her work in Urbana, Illinois Suzanne joined the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault as a trainer in the ICASA Training Institute.  While at ICASA, Suzanne coordinated and facilitated training for rape crisis workers throughout the state of Illinois on a variety of topics including, privilege and oppression, medial advocacy, confidentiality, crisis intervention, and the prison rape elimination act.  She also worked on state-wide and local collaborations around PREA, campus sexual assault, and sexual assault in the military.

Pronouns: She/her

Specialty Areas: Advocacy, PREA, Criminal Justice Collaboration and Response

Megan Foster, Prevention Program Coordinator

Megan Foster joined the Sexual Assault Task Force team in 2015. Meg has experience teaching violence prevention and healthy relationships classes in middle and high schools in Oregon as an educator with Clackamas Women’s Services and SAFE of Columbia County. Prior to this, Meg spent two years in Rwanda as a community health and development associate for the United States Peace Corps where she provided support for public health campaigns in rural communities. At the University of Oregon she worked for an organization aimed at reducing the risk of sexual assault for students and staff, while she earned degrees in Public Policy, Planning and Management as well as Journalism and Communications.

Pronouns: She/her

Specialty Areas: Primary Prevention, Sexual Health Promotion

Virginia Solan, Criminal Justice Coordinator

Virginia Solan joined the Sexual Assault Task Force in August 2017. Virginia has worked extensively with survivors of violence in nonprofit, government, and campus settings in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington for more than 25 years. She earned her M.Ed in Adult, Organizational, Learning & Leadership from the University of Idaho, as well as a BS in Sociology/Psychology, and the university's Certificate of Diversity & Stratification.

Pronouns: She/Her

Specialty Areas: Advocacy, multi-disciplinary teams, criminal justice, curricula development and presentation on dynamics and root causes of violence

Carli Rohner, Campus Advocate Coordinator

Carli Rohner joined the Sexual Assault Task Force team in 2017. She earned her bachelor’s in Psychology and Community & Public Health from Western Oregon University, with a focus on the development of peer education programs. Her work with survivors has focused on college campuses, working as a preventionist, direct-service advocate, and assisting in the coordination of the Title IX conduct and adjudication processes. As the Campus Advocate Coordinator, Carli works with Oregon colleges and universities across the state, both public and private, to identify best practices and provide technical assistance and training for professional advocates and student advocacy programs. Carli is passionate about creating accessible, equitable systems that center student voices and allow multi-disciplinary teams that serve survivors on college campuses the ability to thrive.

Pronouns: She/Her

Specialty Areas: Advocacy, Prevention, Title IX, Peer Programs, Campus Climate Surveys, LGBTQI, Engaging Men & Program