Men’s Engagement Subcommittee

The Men’s Engagement Subcommittee seeks to engage men and boys as allies in the effort to prevent and respond to men’s violence by promoting diversity, social justice, and healing.  The Men’s Engagement Subcommittee advises the Oregon Men Against Violence Initiativeand promotes the positive roles men and boys can play in ending gendered violence.

Suggestions and links to resources for engaging men in preventing gendered violence are available on the Men’s Engagement page. For more information  contact our Prevention staff.

For information and resources on engaging men in the prevention of gendered violence, contact our Prevention staff.

Men’s Engagement Subcommittee’s Values and Beliefs

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Men's Engagement Subcommittee Slot List

BIP ProviderDonald ChapinJanuary 2016
Culturally-Specific Service ProviderVACANT
Crisis Service/CenterKevin LarsenSeptember 2016
Faith-BasedTim Hayes (Tillamook County Women's Resource Center)January 2016
GovernmentAndy Chuinard (Benton Co Health Dept)June 2017
Higher Education - Large PublicColin Stevens (OSU)June 2015
Higher Education - PrivateVACANT
Higher Education - Small to Medium PublicVACANT
K-12 Education - Administrator or FacultyAllyn Bradley (Clackamas Women's Services)December 2016
Law EnforcementKelly WahlOctober 2016
Local Effort - RuralMark McDaniel (PAWS For Change) - Co-ChairSeptember 2015
Local Effort - UrbanPatrick Lemmon (Co-Chair; TEMP)October 2016
Men's Healing - CounselingMarcus Sharpe (OSU)October 2016
At LargeScott Etherton, OSUJune 2016